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Low Hits vs High Hits

So I've read these articles concerning the tackle on Dustin Keller and the "outrage" some guys have because of the injury sustained on the hit. It seems Swearinger is taking heat on his decision to go low. The game is called is not a patticake game, it's a collision sport that has an inherent risk of injury; yes even catastrophic ones.

I have never and still do not condone targeting guys to purposefully injure other players, but I certainly disdain the fact that the rule changes are causing guys to have to think rather than react in a game.

In Keller's case, you have a 200+lb TE turning upfield after making a catch with a 180lb DB having to tackle him. Any DB in the NFL will opt to go for the upper body lay out shot on this play, but we also know that most, if not ALL DBs will go low when matched against a larger opponent. Is this surprising? The kid made a play, someone got hurt. It's how the game is played.

Look at the example of the Chicago player who stayed high, made a bone crushing hit, legally...and was fined $21k. What do you think he's going to do next time? Football players learn through mistakes and consequences. His consequence? Losing a major portion of his salary (he's a rookie making minimum). Guess what he'll do next time...go low and take out the legs. It's football.

Football is great, injuries suck and reality is guys are going to get hurt. It a stupid that other players will label guys as dirty, or cheap, or whatever when they get hit, but think nothing of it when they are the ones delivering the blows.

Play the game, you know guys are going to get hurt, keep your head on a swivel, and ask the QB to put the ball in front of you so you don't have to turn your back to the line of scrimmage.