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Buffalo BIlls Training Camp

For just over a week now I have been in Rochester NY intern coaching with the Buffalo Bills.  Having been chosen as a spot in the  Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship position, I have had the opportunity to be a small part of this great game from a different perspective.  What an eye opener!

I have interned at the college level and coached varsity at the high school level, and each stop has given me an appreciation for all that my coaches did to make me a better player and to put me and my teams in a position to win.  What this internship has done was give me a greater  understanding of the depth of preparation in takes to coach in the NFL.

My role has been limited, but the freedom the coaches have given me to offer pointers, tips, and tricks to the players has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned that I love sharing the craft that I honed over my 16 year career.  I enjoy when young players ask me for help, and then they try the new techniques and succeed at them.  I love the enthusiasm that most football players have.  We all share a common bond in this game....that being one that we know there are many who wish they could be where we were or are, but a rare few who actually get this chance.

I am thankful to Doug Marrone, Pat Morris, and the rest of the Buffalo Bills staff for allowing me an inside look at what they do, and for allowing me the privilege to be a small part of something great.